S03E09: Seconds From The End, What’s It Gonna Be?

Season 3

Syntax stood, his pistol aimed at David.

“You don’t have to do this!” David shouted.

“Yes I do,” Syntax retorted, his hand holding the detonator firmly, “You know what they did.  You know how corrupt they are!”

“There are other ways of doing this,” David explained.

“There is only one way,” Syntax stated moving to push the detonator’s trigger, “To bring it all down around them.”



City Hall was surrounded by an armed guard, dressed in full armored gear.  The various heads arrived in armored escort and entered the building. Detective Mendez was part of the perimeter unit and began to make his way down the side of the building.  With a surge of electricity, David erupted in front of Detective Mendez.

“Jesus!” Detective Mendez exclaimed lowering his rifle from David, “You know, I’ve got to say I prefer the ominous one liner walk up.”

“Sorry,” David stated, “So, how are things looking?”

“We’ve got the place on lockdown, the entire force was drafted” Detective Mendez explained, “Everyone is inside.  No sign of our guy.”

“I better do a sweep,” David said vanishing into the electrical current.

“Yep, definitely prefer the ominous stuff,” Detective Mendez muttered while shakenly lighting a cigarette.

David knew that most of the police force was still looking to arrest him so he had to avoid everyone. David discovered a security room and burst inside.  Luckily, the room was empty.   He walked over to the monitors and placed his hands on them.  His eyes began to glow and he could see through the cameras.

David saw all the various armed police officers.  He could see the officials in the meeting room.  Then he saw, a janitor.

“What the hell?” David said with a chuckle, “This big day and the janitor still shows up? Good one. Wait, what did he just put in that room?”

David bolted into the electrical current and burst into the room.  The janitor had already left.  David looked for what the man had left.  There he found a massive bomb.

“Oh shit,” David exclaimed scanning the bomb on how to stop it, “What the fuck am I doing? Oh yeah, David, the great bomb defuser. Jesus, I better get Mendez.”

Outside Detective Mendez was still smoking his cigarette.  David erupted in front of him, causing him to drop his cigarette in panic.

“You’re seriously going to give me a heart attack kid,” Detective Mendez muttered trying to calm his breathing.

“Pretty sure I could shock you back if I do,” David chuckled raising his hand and twirling electricity between his fingers, “Shit, now is not the time for jokes.  There is a bomb in the room above the meeting room!”

“What?” Detective Mendez shouted.

“Get your guys the fuck in there,” David stated, “I’m going after Syntax.”

David vanished into the electrical current as Detective Mendez ran off toward the main group of police shouting about the bomb in his walkie.

David burst into the surveillance room again and scanned the cameras.  He could see Syntax darting up the stairwell toward the roof.  David bolted into the electrical current and erupting quickly into the stairwell causing the lighting to cut in and out, leaving breaks where the stairwell was pitch black.  The flash of a red angry face appeared in the blackness before fading. The light flickered on then cut out again.  Gunshots flashed through the dark, joined by the light from the electricity coming from David as he moved.

Syntax smashed into the fire door at the end of the stairs and emerged onto the roof.  The officers stationed on the roof quickly turned toward the door.  After a quick glance, Syntax raised his cybernetic arm and shot the officers. Syntax continued to run as David bolted through the doorway.  Syntax quickly turned around holding the bomb’s detonator.  David stopped in his tracks.

Syntax aimed his pistol to David.



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