S03E08: A Papercut in Lincoln Park

Season 3

“Why do you keep trying?” Dark David asked walking out of the bedroom carrying a unicorn and a bottle of lotion.

“Can we not do this now?” David asked still working on his armor pieces, “I have to get ready for tomorrow.”

“You fail at everything you do,” Dark David stated, “Why do you keep trying?”

“I don’t always fail,” David muttered, “I’ve… I’m saving people.”

“Jesus, now you’re literally lying to yourself,” Dark David exclaimed, “You have not saved shit.  You murdered those men at the bank and that funeral fiasco you just hid.  Pathetically crying, I may add.”

“I…” David stammered.


“It’s not even the hero thing you fail at,” Dark David said, “You have all this hope for finding a girl and you’re a failure there too.”

“That Misty girl was cute…” David said, “And she seemed into me.”

Dark David began laughing hysterically.

“Into you? Fucking into… YOU?!” Dark David exclaimed, “David.  Jesus, are you that delusional?”

“W…” David began.

“Know what, don’t answer that,” Dark David said interrupting, “I know the answer already.  You’re in an argument with yourself.  But seriously David.  You think she could be into you? You’re pathetic.  You’re worthless.  You’re this waste of life and you think she’ll want to be with you? Laughable.”

David just sat in silence.

“No one has ever loved you,” Dark David said lowering himself to David’s eye level, “No one is ever going to love you, David.  You’re just taking up space in a world that doesn’t need you.  I mean fuck even Astrid didn’t care about you.”

“Please don’t bring her into this,” David murmured.

“Oh please,” Dark David exclaimed, “She was just with you to pass the time until she found better or died.”

Tears began to pour down David’s face.

“So I repeat my question,” Dark David stated staring directly into David’s tear soaked eyes, “When no one will ever love someone as pathetic as you, why do you continue to try?”

“Please stop,” David mumbled.

“David just give up you fucking disgrace,” Dark David stated.

“Shut up please,” David said looking to the floor, becoming agitated.

“You’re fucking pathetic David,” Dark David said grabbing David’s head to make him look at him, “Just give up.”

“Stop!” David shouted, his eyes glowing with electricity, “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”

Surges of electricity engulfed David’s body as he began to rise from the couch.  With one massive burst, erupted from him like an EMP sending several blocks around him into a blackout.  David dropped to the floor sobbing alone in the dark.


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