S03E07: Cereal Criminal

Season 3

Detective Mendez leaned against the edge of the rooftop and took a long drag of his cigarette as he peered over the cityscape.  He could feel the chilled air sweeping across the city.  Footsteps approached.

“You know,” Detective Mendez proclaimed, “We should get you some sort of signal if we’re going to keep up these talks.”

“I’m not that batty,” David said walking into the light.

“Ha,” Detective Mendez said turning to face David, “Wasn’t sure you were still around.  When we investigated the Commissioner shooting there was quite a bit of blood.  Thanks for that by the way.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure either,” David said leaning his back against the edge of the rooftop, “You didn’t…”

“Don’t worry,” Detective Mendez chuckled, “Sometimes evidence goes missing.”

David let out a sigh of relief that they did not test his blood for DNA.

“So I’m sure this isn’t a social visit,” Detective Mendez said puffing his cigarette.

“I need information,” David explained, “If I’m going to stop Syntax I need help setting up a trap.”

“We were thinking the same thing,” Detective Mendez stated, “There’s a meeting going on between all the remaining members of Justice.  We’re hoping to use that as a way to get him.”

“I’ll be there,” David said beginning to walk away, “One more thing.”

“Yeah?” Detective Mendez asked.

“May seem like an odd question,” David explained, “Know any armorers?”

“Not bulletproof?” Detective Mendez chuckled.

“I’m not that super,” David said.

“I’ll get in big shit for this but I like you, kid,” Detective Mendez stated, moving toward the door, “There was a guy we busted a few months back but couldn’t get anything to stick.  We suspected him for arming a lot of the gangs out there.  Daryl Russell.  He should have what you need.”

“Any idea how to find him?” David asked.

“If I did, I’d have him in my lockup,” Detective Mendez stated, “One favor to repay mine. Give him hell.”

“You know it,” David retorted.

Detective Mendez walked back into the building.

“Now to find a needle in a haystack,” David stated looking out into the cityscape as snow began to lightly fall.

After roughing up several street level criminals, David found an address for his target.


Daryl was sitting on his couch in front of his television eating cereal.  The picture began to flicker some.

“Oh you piece of shit,” Daryl mumbled through his mouthful standing up to fix the television.

David came bursting through the screen, knocking Daryl back onto the couch.

“Daryl Russell!” David shouted lunging to Daryl and grabbing him.

“Oh fuck!” Daryl exclaimed, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Why don’t I believe you?” David questioned tossing Daryl across the room and into the wall.

The wall opened and revealed a hidden room.

“Well, would you look at that,” David said stepping over Daryl and into the room full of armor and weapons.

Daryl quickly scurried and grabbed a pistol strapped to the bottom of his table.  He aimed it at David’s back and fired.  David bolted out of the way of the bullet, smacked the gun across the room and grabbed Daryl.

“Now, if you were so innocent,” David growled, “Why would you try to do that?”

“I’m so sorry man,” Daryl whimpered.

“Not as sorry as you’ll be if I have to come back here again,” David ordered, “Understand?”

“Yeah man,” Daryl stated, “I’m so done with this shit and this city.”

“Good,” David said before knocking Daryl out.

David used the electric currents to quickly move what he needed to his apartment.  He then let Detective Mendez know where to find Daryl and his stash.  After relaxing a bit, David decided to start working on reworking his costume.

A maniacal grin swept across Dark David’s face.


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