S03E06: House MD

Season 3

“Bro, he’s bleeding out,” a voice called out, David’s vision was too blurry to see who.

“So you brought him here?” another voice yelled.

“Dude, you’re in Med school,” the first voice stated.

“Damn it, get him in here,” David barely heard before blacking out.

David barely awoke again to everyone moving frantically.

“He’s going to fucking die man,” a voice shouted.

“No shit!” a voice retorted, “I’m studying how to save normal people, not fucking Battery Man!”

“Awe, ba…” David muttered, “battery…?”

“Wait, of course!” a voice shouted, “He’s fucking electric!”

David faded back out again.


With a bolt of electricity, David awoke and lunged across the room.

“Holy shit,” a man covered in blood and wearing a mask over his mouth shouted.

“Who are you?” David questioned, peering around the room.

“Well I’m Gary,” the masked one said, “This is Erwin, that’s Tony and that’s Misty. We uh…”

“Tony and I found you in a dumpster,” Erwin explained, “We thought Gary could save you, so we brought you here.”

“We’re big fans,” Misty exclaimed.

“We need to get out of here,” Dark David whispered into David’s ear.

David looked around the room once more, “Thank you for saving me.”

“It was really tough trying to help you,” Gary said removing his gloves.

“What do you mean?” David asked, still on edge looking around the room.

“Well we kept getting zapped when we were removing the bullets,” Gary explained.

“I’m sorry,” David retorted.

“No it’s fine man,” Gary stated with a chuckle, “Like Misty said, we’re huge fans.  Plus you’re already healing pretty quickly.”

“Yeah, it’s the electricity in my cells,” David nervously explained.

“We seriously need to leave,” Dark David stated.

“Shut up,” David mumbled to himself.

Everyone in the room began to look at David awkwardly.

“I’ve got to go,” David blurted out, “Thanks again.”

David bolted into the electric current, leaving everyone puzzled.  David burst into his apartment.

“You know they didn’t actually like you right?” Dark David exclaimed.

“I just need to finish healing,” David said dropping to the couch after stripping.

“Those people think you’re lame,” Dark David said, “They see you as a loser.  They just said those things to be nice.”

“Will you just fuck off,” David exclaimed walking into the bedroom and slamming the door.

“You know I’m just a voice in your head right?” Dark David shouted from the couch, “Walking away doesn’t actually work.”

“Shut up,” David shouted from the bedroom.

“Alright, just checking,” Dark David shouted then muttered to himself, “No need to be a dick.”


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