S03E05: Grounded

Season 3

David awoke groggy and unable to move due to the chains hanging him from the ceiling by his wrists.  He began to surge up some electricity when a voice called out.

“Won’t work,” the voice said from the darkness.

David peered around but the only light was the one shining down from above him.  Syntax walked into the light and a green smiley formed on his mask.


“I’ve heard about you,” Syntax explained, “The electric hero.  Those chains are grounded.”

David struggled some while Syntax vanished into the darkness again.

“So I thought you were going to stop me,” Syntax stated pulling a cover from the window filling the room with moonlight revealing a large rifle.

“You’ve been murdering all these people,” David explained.

“The only one who has been murdered here was justice,” Syntax stated a red angry face appearing on his mask, then fading away.

“God this guy is lame,” Dark David said sitting near Syntax.

“What?” David asked, now puzzled.

“We were on our way home with my wife driving,” Syntax explained eyeing the sight on the rifle, “It had rained earlier in the day and the roads were still wet.  We had stopped at an intersection and were beginning to pull forward.  Suddenly a car slammed into the side of us.  We were thrown off the road into the trees.  The person who hit us drove away.”

David struggled with his restraints.

“I lost my arm when the side of the car was crushed,” Syntax continued a blue sad face appearing on his mask, “I managed to pull my wife from the car and had to watch as she bled to death in my arms.  After we made it to the hospital, the doctor told me the worse news.  My wife was pregnant.  We had been trying everything for so long and she finally she was pregnant. But now she was gone, and so was any hope of us having children.”

David wanted to retort but was still speechless.

“I found out the mayor’s son was the one driving,” Syntax explained the sad face now fading back to the red angry face, “and the mayor used his power to cover it up.  So I constructed this arm.”

Syntax held his arm up looking at the palm of the hand as he flexed it.

“Then I came up with a plan to make them all pay,” Syntax said going back to the rifle.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Dark David said.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” David said.

Syntax adjusted the aim of the rifle.

“That’s horrible but,” David began, trailing off but then regaining the thought, “But that doesn’t justify killing all these people.”

“I won’t allow this system to continue with this much corruption,” Syntax stated lining his shot up with a window several blocks away.

“This guy may be crazier than us,” Dark David stated.

“I can’t allow you,” David said as he escaped his restraints and tackled Syntax as he pulled the trigger.

The bullet went through the window and severed the top of the police commissioner’s ear.

“Son of a bitch,” Syntax said, a red angry face appearing on his mask then it faded.

Syntax threw David off of him and quickly stood.  David bolted around the room and appeared in front of Syntax but Syntax caught him by the throat.

“Kid, you won’t outsmart this arm,” Syntax stated tightening his grip some.

David shocked the arm and managed to bolt across the room.

“You aren’t one of my targets, I’m not trying to hurt you,” Syntax stated.

David bolted into Syntax and the two began to exchange blows.  It was obvious how much more trained Syntax was.  David managed to out maneuver Syntax and land several quick punches before Syntax backhanded him across the room.

“Fuck it,” Syntax said pulling a pistol from its holster and fired at David.  The shots hit David in the chest, knocking him out of a window. He fell into the dumpster below.

“Are we about to die?” Dark David muttered before fading away.


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