S03E04: Obelisk

Season 3

David stumbled through the settling smoke, confused.  He could hear people crying and screaming faintly over the ringing in his ears.  David looked down at the ground painted in blood.  Everything was fine but in just five minutes that all changed.


Clouds blanketed the sky casting a dreary light over everything, which was fitting considering the circumstances.  Everyone huddled under a sea of umbrellas as the rain washed over them.  Everyone stood as stiff as the gravestones surrounding them as the hearse pulled up.  Everyone remained quiet as the casket was removed and moved to the grave.

David had taken shelter under a grouping of trees a good distance away from the proceedings.  He knew the cops did not fully trust him but he also knew he was going to have to help.  The killer was not done yet.

“Oh my God,” Dark David whined, “This is so boring.”

“Do you ever shut up?” David asked peering around the tree at the crowd.

“Why are we even here?” Dark David asked picking his nose, looking around then wiping it on a gravestone.

“I have to watch out to make sure the killer doesn’t try anything,” David explained.

“The cops don’t need us here,” Dark David said appearing next to David, “and besides what are we going to do?  Did you forget how pathetic you are?”

“Why do you always have to put me down?” David said turning to Dark David.

“You do realize you’re talking to yourself right?” Dark David questioned with a chuckle, “Wait, what’s with that flower van?”

David turned around just as the rear doors flung open revealing a massive weapon.  A barrage of bullets tore through the gravesite leaving destruction in its wake.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” David exclaimed before ducking behind an obelisk for cover.

The bullets tore through people, shredding many of them in an instant.  Blood was strewn across the landscape.  The only thing louder than the gunfire was the screams.  As fast as the carnage began, it ended.  Things settled and people were left sobbing.  A man carrying his severed arm walked over to a man flailing about.  He dropped his arm and began to put pressure on the man’s severed leg.  A fog-like smoke covered the area from the heat of the bullets and blood.

David wandered into the blood-soaked wasteland the graveyard had become.  The ringing in his ears was loud and disorienting.

“Jesus David,” Dark David murmured, “you didn’t save anybody.”

As things began to settle that was a crash as the lid of the coffin dropped to the ground.  Nobody was paying much attention as Syntax arose from the coffin until he began to shoot the survivors.  Still unable to focus, David lunged at him but fell short.

“Well, who do we have here?” Syntax questioned picking up David by his throat with his cybernetic arm.

David, still delirious, was only able to put up a minor struggle.

“I’m Hollow,” David muttered through his now labored breath, “I’m going to stop you.”

“Oh kid,” Syntax said with a smiley face forming on his mask, “You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Syntax quickly knocked David out.


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