S03E02: Syntax Error

Season 3


The brisk air rushed past Trevor’s face as he guzzled down more of his beer.  He tossed the can into the backseat and opened up another one. The night was moonless and dark. The only thing visible was whatever the headlights swept across.  Trevor was going quite fast as he always did, but tonight he was in a hurry to get to his girlfriend’s house.

Trevor turned up the radio when his favorite song came on and began to drum on the steering wheel. After a few taps, he dropped his beer. While leaning to reach for it, he began swerving a bit.  When he leaned up there was a deer in the road and Trevor jerked the wheel to miss it. The car began to slide out of control and slammed into a tree.

Trevor awoke to a figure approaching the car.  They managed to pry the door open and pull Trevor out.  The propped him up against the back of the car facing the road.  His vision still blurred from the crash and from the beer, though he was quickly sobering up.  He could see as the figure walked over to the deer and pull it from the road, it was a fake.


“What… what’s happening?” Trevor managed to muster through his growing panic.

“You swerve to avoid a wooden deer,” the figure said walking back into the light of the tail lights, “But not people, interesting.  I’m slightly disappointed, I hoped you’d hit the spikes.”

“Who are you?” Trevor questioned weakly, “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” the figure said peering down at Trevor through their black helmet, “What I want is to see my wife again but that will never happen thanks to you.”

Trevor’s face was a mixture of fear and confusion.

“And without her I’m nobody but I suppose you can call me,” the figure said leaning down into Trevor’s face, “Syntax.”

A playful glowing green smiley face appeared on the figure’s mask, then it vanished as he stood back up.

“I don’t know what you think I did but I didn’t do it,” Trevor pleaded.

Syntax mask lit up with a glowing red angry face as he landed a massive punch into Trevor’s head knocking him over.  Syntax grabbed Trevor’s hair, the face vanishing, and pulled him back to sitting up. Trevor was now sobbing.

“Don’t lie to me Trevor,” Syntax said, “I was there.  I was there when you drunkenly smashed your car into ours.  When you drove off as my wife lay bleeding to death and I couldn’t save her.”

“Please,” Trevor pleaded in his sobs, “Please, I’m so sorry.”

“We’re way past sorry Trevor,” Syntax said reaching under his trench coat and pulling out a pistol.

“No please,” Trevor said sobbing more now, “No please. God.”

“Oh Trevor, God has no place for you,” Syntax explained as he checked over the gun.

Syntax moved the gun to Trevor’s head.

“I was there when your father covered it up what you’d done and you got away with it,” Syntax stated, “and now it’s time felt the loss I felt.”

“Please no,” Trevor yelled just before Syntax fired a shot into him.

“He’s going to pay,” Syntax said before walking away into the darkness, “They all will.”


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