S03E01: The Phantom Menace

Season 3

Astrid: “Hey nerd, I guess you’re asleep. I’m just hanging out. Thought I’d call. You better be on time to pick me up later. Ha-ha. Well, I love you. M’bye.”

“David,” Dark David said leaning into David’s view, “Why are we still listening to that?  Delete it.”

“No,” David said staring at his phone with teary eyes, “Will you just go away?”

“Can we at least take a break?” Dark David asked looking through the fridge, “We should go grab something to drink. That usually helps.”

“I guess, I am thirsty,” David said standing up and walking toward the door.

“Then let’s go,” Dark David said closing the fridge.


David’s walk had become a shuffle as he made his way down the sidewalk.  He tightened his coat as the brisk air swept over him.  It would be winter soon and he was not looking forward to that.

“So are we just going to grab a 12 pack or we going for a full 30?” Dark David asked following David like a lost puppy.

“I’m getting coffee,” David muttered feeling quite groggy from how much he had been drunk lately.

“Coffee?” Dark David said stepping in front of David.

“Yes,” David said knocking Dark David out of his way with his shoulder and walking into the coffee shop.

David looked across the lobby and saw a girl sitting by herself.

“Oh she’s cute,” Dark David shouted to David while standing over her.

“Stop,” David said going white and his chest tightening.

“Oh relax David, no one can hear me,” Dark David said popping up behind David, “You, on the other hand, look like a crazy person talking to themselves.”

David gave Dark David a stern look and then moved to the line of customers.

“We should ask her out,” Dark David stated.

“No, it’s too soon,” David muttered.

“David,” Dark David said moving in front of David, “We need to move forward.  We can’t stay alone forever.  Give it a shot, it can’t hurt.”

After a moment, David left the coffee line and approached the girl.

“Hello,” David said

“Uh, hi?” the girl retorted.

“I know this seems awkward,” David began a nervous tremble in his voice.

“Yeah a little bit,” the girl stated, sipping her coffee.

“I noticed you across the lobby and was wondering if you would have dinner with me some time,” David asked, his chest tight with anxiety.

“I have a boyfriend,” the girl answered going back to her laptop.

“Yeah, of course, sorry,” David blurted out trying to laugh it off some.

David turned and left the coffee shops.

“Well that was dumb,” Dark David said walking with David, “Asking her out was a terrible idea.”

“It was your idea,” David stated.

“No David,” Dark David retorted, “It was our idea.  It’s like you forgot no one wants us.  Wants you.”

“I don’t need this, I don’t need you,” David said turning into a convenience store.

David had flashing memories of meeting Astrid in a store just like the one he entered.  He quickly grabbed a large case of beer, paid and left. Back the apartment, he chugged his first beer and filled the fridge with the rest.  Grabbing two more before sitting on the couch.

“You know you can’t just drink this away,” Dark David said standing across the room from David.

“I can certainly try,” David muttered taking a huge swig of his beer.

“You really are worthless,” Dark David stated.

“I know,” David returned.

“This isn’t even about that coffee shop fiasco,” Dark David said, “You’ve been this broken up over a girl you barely knew.”

“I loved her,” David stammered after finishing his beer and opening another.

“Loved her?” Dark David questioned moving over to David, “You were together for what? A few months?”

“Doesn’t mean I loved her any less,” muttered with tears beginning to form in his eyes.

“That right there shows how pathetic you really are,” Dark David said looking down on David.

“You don’t have to keep reminding me,” David said taking another large gulp of his beer.

“You loved her,” Dark David explained, “You lost her too. Like you always do. She was a 1 in billion chance and even she’s gone. Who else is going to love someone as pathetic as you?”

“I don’t know,” David muttered.

“No one,” Dark David stated, “You’re going to spend the rest of your life. In the dark. Alone. Even, Coffee Girl could see that in shining light painted across you.  You might as well do the world a favor and kill yourself. No one wants you.”

“No,” David said grabbing three more beers from the fridge and sitting back down, “I have to keep going. Astrid wouldn’t want me to give up.”

“Astrid wouldn’t….?” Dark David exclaimed, “Jesus. She’s gone, David. She didn’t love you enough to fight to stay with you and she’s gone.”

“I loved her,” David said staring up into Dark David’s eyes, “When you love someone you have to fight. Stay strong for them.”

“She didn’t,” Dark David said sitting in front of David, “So if she was so willing to give up. Why aren’t you?”

“I…” David said, his eyes sinking to the floor.

Exactly David,” Dark David said grabbing David’s head so they could look eye to eye, “You lost the one person in this universe that’s ever going to love you. Why not just give up? There’s is nothing left to fight for.”

David sat in the dark room alone drinking a few more beers.  He was lost in his head with thoughts he had not had in some time.  He had not felt like this since before he met Astrid.  He hurt before but now having that happiness stripped away was making this darkness worse. The fact the voice got much louder after whatever Legion did to him.  Drinking use to make his darkness go away, but as he was drinking more and more the voice just got louder.  Now his darkness was always there, always leading him further down into the dark.

David stood and walked into the bedroom.  He searched through the end table by the bed and found his old cache of pills.  He poured some in his hand.

“I can’t do this,” David muttered clenching the pills in his hand.

“Yes you can David,” Dark David said from the blackened corner of the room, his almost glowing eyes the only thing visible, “Just like you have before.”

David poured the pills into his mouth and swallowed them with a mouthful of beer.  It was not long before they began to take effect.   David looked over to the corner of the room.

Dark David had twisted into a monster with an eerie grin.

David’s head dropped to the pillow.  The room was spinning, and then everything went black.  David could feel his breath slowing while everything drifted away. David’s body lay still for a moment before a small burst of electricity began to surge from it.  They increased in intensity causing his body to jerk.  They began to center around David’s heart and with one last jerk David sat up in bed with a huge inhale of air.  After a couple coughs, he leaned over the side of the bed and puked up all the pills.

“I can’t even die right,” David said coughing some more and then finishing the beer he had.


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