S02E10: Hollow

Season 2

The fire engulfed the gas station.  People wrapped in fire came sprinting out, only to collapse under the flames.  Legion was laughing hysterically while sitting atop an M1 Abrams military tank.  His appearance was a mess.  The tank was surrounded by soldiers all wearing Legion’s mask.  Down the block, an electronics store was engulfed in a surge of electricity.  David erupted into the street.  The devices in the store exploding in his trail of lightning.

“YOU!” David shouted walking toward his foe.

All the soldiers aimed their guns at David.

“Ah there is your smiling face,” Legion said standing on the tank, “See told you, you’d be happy when she was gone.”

“Do you ever shut the fuck up?” David shouted filled with hurt and rage, “I am going to put you down like the rabid dog you are.”

“Oh I’m so scared,” Legion said with a chuckle.

The soldiers began firing upon David.  The surge of electricity surrounding him zapped the bullets deflecting them from him. David slowly walked forward toward the group.

“Alright,” Legion began.

“I guess we’ll fire the tank,” the masked man in the tank finished.

“Loaded!” a masked man shouted closing the shell in the chamber.

“Boom!” Legion shouted as the tank fired.

Wrapped in his surging electricity, David vanished.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Legion stated as the tank shell exploded in the distance.

The soldiers began to fan out, looking for any sign of David.  The street was quiet other than the crackling flames of the gas station. The street lights down the street shattered.  Then ones closer to Legion shattered.  Then the next ones shattered.

“Oh this is getting interesting,” Legion said sitting back down on the tank.

The lights began to shatter faster with bolts of electricity shooting across the street.  The bolts began to increase in intensity, moving toward Legion and the soldiers until David appeared in the surges in front of the soldiers.  The soldiers were caught off guard.

David began to fight his way through them.  Bolting away from bullets and landing what punches he could.  David electrified their guns causing them to magnetically pull from the soldier’s hands and stick to the tank.

“God, that’s so cool,” Legion said with a chuckle, clapping mildly.

One of the soldiers ran to work on getting his gun back as the other few remaining soldiers continued to fight David.  One pulled a knife and managed to slice David a few times before David managed to knock that soldier out as well.  The soldiers quickly grabbed David and held him.  The soldier by the tank managed to fire a shot that caught David in the leg. David dropped to his knees.

David let out a fierce scream which was followed by distant thunder.  Legion became a bit unnerved.  After a few light drops of rain, the storm fully started the downpour.

“Have to say,” Legion said jumping down from the tank, “I was worried for a moment, but luckily water is your weakness.”

“It may be my weakness,” David said gasping a bit, “But it has its advantage as well.”

David’s eyes began to have a flickering glow.  Small sparks of electricity protruded from his body but fizzled out as David collapsed to the ground.

“Valiant effort,” Legion said clapping again, “David why do you keep fighting me.”

“You took her away from me,” David muttered trying not to collapse under the rain and the piercing pain of his wounds.

“No,” Legion said walking over to David, “I saved you from her.  She was ruining you.”

“I loved her,” David said taking his mask off to breathe easier, “She made me the happiest I’ve ever felt.”

“Fuck that whore,” Legion stated, “You’re better off without her.”

David tried to lunge at Legion but he was too weak.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” David muttered with his eyes welling up with tears.

“I’m your biggest fan,” Legion said bending down to David’s eye level, “Is it obvious David?  I want you to be the hero I know you can be.”

“I’m no hero,” David stated gritting his teeth, “No. Thanks to you I’m nothing but Hollow.”

“Oh, don’t be such a downer, Mr. Hollow,” Legion retorted, “You’re a hero.  That’s why I’d love to have you.”

“Then why don’t you just take me like you’ve taken all these other people?” David asked.

“You’re special to me David,” Legion explained, “I want you to let me.  I want you to be willing.”

“Take me,” David muttered, barely audible.

“What was that?” Legion asked.

“Just end this,” David stated, “I’m tired of this.  You want me, take me.”

“Oh David, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that!” Legion exclaimed with excitement.

The soldiers picked David back up to his knees.  Legion placed his hands over David’s head.

“You want everything that’s in my head,” David said, his eyes going cold staring into the dark eyes of Legion’s mask, “You can have it.”

Before Legion could realize what that meant, he was overcome with the raw emotion David had welling up inside him.  His pain, his suffering, his loss came flooding into Legion.  Legion’s senses were becoming overloaded.  Then came David’s electricity.  It surged into Legion.  Legions eyes beginning to have an electrified glow.

“You want me,” David muttered no feeling left in his voice, “take it all”

“No,” Legion muttered in disbelief.

Legion’s brain could not handle the energy.  He was going through sensory overload and the electricity was frying his brain.  The soldiers surrounding the two collapsed.  With a sudden burst, Legion was tossed back. Smoke rolled out of the eyes of Legion’s mask.

“Fuck you,” David said before collapsing.

David awoke to people walking over to him.  He could see the lights of rescue vehicles out of the corner of his eye.  The rain must have stopped while he was passed out. Weak, David crawled over and put his mask back on.  Stumbling a bit, David stood.

“Freeze!” a police officer shouted aiming his gun.

“No!” a soldier yelled back while being helped by a paramedic to an ambulance, “He’s the one that saved us.”

David staggered forward, his vision blurry.

“I still have to take him in,” the police officer stated, “Medic.”

In a flash of electricity, David was gone.

“What?” the officer questioned, “Where the hell did he go?”

David erupted in his apartment, sending Ms. Pond scurrying off with a growl.  He took his mask off and dropped onto his couch.

“I think we did it,” David muttered, “We finally beat him.  I…. I wish you were there to see it.”

David choked up a bit. He lit a cigarette and just sat in the darkened silence.

“I miss you… So much…” David stated his head sinking.

“I’m sure she misses you too.”

“Who’s there?” David exclaimed lunging from the couch.

“What? Don’t recognize yourself?” a grinning Darkened David said walking from the darkness, “Hello.”

David’s face was that of shock and horror as he peered into the darkness at himself.

“You know, I think one of us might be crazy,” the Darkened David said with a chuckle.



A nurse walked into the room and was shocked to see the patient standing in front of the mirror getting dressed.  The television on the wall playing the news.

“Sir,” the nurse said, “You really shouldn’t be out of bed so soon after waking from a coma.”

“How long has it been?” the patient said, adjusting his suit jacket.

“You’ve been here for two years,” the nurse explained, “Sir you really need to get back in your bed.”

“I guess I’ll have to thank you, David for waking me up,” the patient said to himself, his gaze still in the mirror, “Oh and you can call me Legion.”

“No, call me Legion,” the nurse retorted beginning to grin.

The patient grinned, adjusting his tie.


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