S02E08: Not Our Fairytale Ending

Season 2

Everything was quiet except for the birds escaping the trees.  A no longer entangled Legion stood holding a gun, smoke rolling from the barrel. The color had faded from David’s face. Astrid stood confused on what happened. Her arrow faded away and the vines of her bow unraveled to the ground.  She looked down and saw the blood beginning to run down her torso.

“I got her!” Legion shouted with a chuckle, turning from David.

Astrid collapsed.

“No,” David muttered finally pulling himself from the water, “No, no, no. no.”

David bolted towards Astrid, just falling short.  He ripped his mask off and drug himself to her, placing his hand over her wound.

“It’s going to be okay,” David stated frantically, “You’re going to be fine, it’s okay. Take some of my energy.”

“I can’t,” Astrid said through her now labored breathing, “You’re too weak right now.”

“No, no,” David muttered in between his sobs, “I’ll be fine.”

“Look at me,” Astrid said turning David’s sobbing eyes to hers, “I was never meant for this world. This was always coming.”

David sputtered some inaudible words and continued to sob.

“You showed me what real happiness was,” Astrid continued, “You will find a girl who is way better for you than I ever was.”

“You are the best thing to ever happen to me,” David sobbed, “I don’t want to lose you.  I’ll be so lost.”

“You will be okay,” Astrid reassured, “You will find some girl who will make you happy.”

“I don’t want anyone else,” David said between his labored breathing from his crying.

“Come on,” Astrid muttered with her increased difficulty breathing, “Don’t be sad.  Smile for me.”

“I will always love you,” David sobbed with a forced smile.

“I love you too,” Astrid said pulling David down to her.

The couple shared a tender kiss then David felt Astrid go limp.  He laid her down and saw her once beautiful eye’s glow now faded to a somber gray.  The once vibrant smiling face now nothing but a vacant stare.

“No,” David wailed, “God no!”

David began shocking Astrid, using his hands like a defibrillator.

“David, give up she’s gone,” Legion shouted from beside the lake.

Shut up.

“You are way better off without her,” the figure still entangled said after reawakening.


“She was the worst thing to ever happen to you,” Legion said still holding the gun.

“SHUT UP!” David shouted still holding Astrid’s lifeless body.


The clouds began to gather above them.  The sky growing even darker.  David’s eyes began to radiate electricity.  He was breathing heavy.  Lightning bolts began to strike the ground around David and Legion.

“Whoa David,” Legion said a bit unnerved, “It’s not that big of a deal.”

“SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!” David screamed as a lightning bolt struck him, encompassing him in light.

The light spread across David and Astrid and in an instant, the two were gone.  Legion was at a loss.  The bolts of lightning continued to strike the clearing.

“I should really get out of here,” all the Legions said in unison.

A lightning bolt struck behind the Legion that had just escaped his entanglement leaving David standing behind him.

“HOW DARE YOU,” David shouted, pure rage in his voice.

David’s fist began protruding electricity.  He quickly bolted forward and pierced Legion’s chest.  Another lightning bolt struck David and he vanished.

“Yep.  Definitely should get out of here,” Legion said moving toward the truck.

Another lightning bolt struck in front of the Legion holding the gun revealing David.

“SHE WAS AMAZING,” David screamed grabbing Legion’s head.

David’s entire body became encased in electricity.  Legion began convulsing.  The Legion by the lake began to stagger a bit.  David stared into Legion’s eyes as he held him.  Blood began to pour out of every place it could in Legion’s face. David dropped the body.  It fell to its knees, smoke rolling from its head. The body slumped over to the ground. David turned to the Legion by the lake then vanished in another bolt of lightning.

“Well, this is not how I thought today was going to go,” Legion chuckled before having a bolt of lightning land in front of him.

From the force, Legion was knocked onto his back.  David stood over him with a piercing coldness in his eyes.

“She was the best thing to ever happen to me,” David muttered, so filled with rage.

“She was ruining you,” Legion decreed making his way to his knees.

David grabbed Legion’s head again, shocking him.

“Did you forget already,” Legion said with a chuckle, “That doesn’t work. See she made you weak.”

“No,” David said, “She made me better.”

Lightning began to strike Legion over and over again.

“You robbed me of the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen,” David muttered.

Legion’s rocky exterior began to heat, cooking him.  He began to scream.

“You took away the one person that made me the happiest I’ve ever been,” David continued.

Legion began to become molten, causing David to release him.  Steam rolled from Legion’s hardening body leaving him like a statue.

“How dare you. She was the greatest thing that will ever happen in my life and now she’s gone, you son of a bitch,” David stated vanishing in a bolt of lightning.  Back in his apartment, David curled up on the floor sobbing.

Why did I have to lose her? Why?


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