S02E07: Our Storybook Love

Season 2

David and Astrid decided to visit the city again.  They spent the day venturing through stores, just browsing.  They held hands while walking down the sidewalk.  They could see a group gathering outside an electronics store.

“I wonder what going on,” Astrid said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Let’s go check it out,” David said pulling her some as they jogged over to the store.

The front window of the store was an arrangement of televisions.  They all were showing the same thing.  It was simply a desk with an empty chair behind it.  In the background was a wall of masked figures all wearing suits. After a moment, Legion walked into frame and sat at the desk.

“How unprofessional,” Legion began, “Late to my own press conference.  Hello, citizens.  I’m sure you have noticed a hero among you.  Saving various people.  Well, this is a message for the hero.”

This is not good.

David became uneasy immediately and Astrid could feel it.

“I want to actually meet you, hero,” Legion continued, “Our previous engagements have been so boring. So I figured, you would hear me out if I upped the ante.  In several public places in the city, I have placed special individuals.  Now you may ask why these people are special.  Well, the answer to that is simple.  C4.  Each of these people are strapped with explosives.”

The crowd gathered in front of the televisions began to murmur to each other in a panic.

This guy is fucking crazy.

“Now these people are to keep the cops out of our fun,” Legion continued, “Searching train stations, hospitals, maybe even schools.  Who knows where I sent them.”

Several people in the crowd began making calls or darting to their vehicles.

“Now, hero,” Legion explained, “there is a cabin 50 miles North outside the city.  You have an hour to meet me there.  No police better show up, or things will end in a blast.  Don’t be late.”

I have to end this.

David’s face had become a mixture of rage, frustration, and concern.

“You know it’s a trap,” Astrid said.

“I know,” David retorted turning to Astrid, “But what he doesn’t know, I won’t be alone.”

Astrid nodded in agreement. The couple ducked into a dark alley and zapped into the electrical current.  After a quick change into their costumes at David’s apartment, they were back in the current and into the woods to the North.  David’s powers could get them close to the cabin, but not quite.  The two continued on foot through the woods to the cabin.


David scoped out the area around the cabin and did not see anyone else.  He and Astrid walked into the clearing surrounding the cabin.  They saw a truck with a window smashed out near the cabin, which did not settle their nerves.  Suddenly the front door of the cabin swung open and out walked Legion.

“I’m here!” David shouted moving between Legion and Astrid.

“Oh good,” Legion said making his way down the steps of the cabin, “You brought your little girlfriend. It wouldn’t have been as fun without her.”

“Is that?” Astrid muttered, her voice a bit shaky.

“Why yes, it is,” Legion snickered lifting his mask to reveal his face then replacing it, “I chose this person very specifically.  Have to say, took some hunting to find him.”

“What is going on?” David demanded.

“Oh, are you lost, David?” Legion questioned, “Why not ask Astrid your sidekick.”

“Astrid, what is going on?” David asked, terrified the masked man knew who they were.

“That’s my ex,” Astrid muttered feeling uneasy.

“Why yes it is,” Legion interrupted, “and should I tell him why this one is so special or will you?”

“He’s the one that had hit me,” Astrid admitted.

“What?” David exclaimed filling with emotion.

“Oh, David.  You look shocked,” Legion announced with a chuckle, “Yes I have the ability to take over people’s bodies and I know how you feel about women beaters.  They make you absolutely electric.  So I figured he’d make it more fun.”

Legion began laughing. Two additional figures exited the cabin to join Legion also laughing.

“Why are you torturing us?” David shouted now full of fury.

“Torturing you?” Legion stated, the laughter now fading back to silence, “Oh no, I am your biggest fan. And David, she is the worst thing to ever happen to you.”

David was fully enraged. He bolted forward and landed a firm punch into Legion’s face launching him back several feet.  Legion’s two remaining figures grabbed David and began beating on him.

“You know this one is not your average punk,” Legion said undoing his jacket buttons.

Legion began to tense up and his skin began turning gray.  After a moment his skin turned to solid rock and his figure grew in size. A look of shock swept across David and Astrid’s face.  Astrid shifted her hands around and tree branches grabbed the two figures off of David.  David immediately bolted forward and grabbed Legion’s head.  He began shocking Legion.

“Sorry David,” Legion said with a laugh grabbing David off of him, “Can’t shock rock.”

Legion threw David smashing through the wall of the cabin.

“That rhymed,” Legion chuckled.

The two entangled figures escaped the tree branches and one pulled a knife from their jacket.  Astrid was deeply worried about David but had to keep her attention on the two masked men trying to kill her.

David staggered from the cabin holding his ribs.  Legion snatched him up by the throat.

“David I don’t want to hurt you,” Legion stated, “It’s her.  She’s ruining you.  Holding you back.”

“No,” was all David could mutter between his labored breaths.

Enraged, Legion threw David to the lakeside.  From the force, David slid into the water, further worsening his labored breath.  He was struggling to move.

Astrid could see David was in trouble.  She quickly entangled her attackers in tree branches.  Astrid knew her strength was no match for Legion’s latest victim. There was only one thing she could do. She walked over to her imprisoned foes and placed her hand against one’s chest.  There was a glow protruding from his eyes for a moment then he slumped over.

“You know whatever you’re about to do will never work,” the other entangled figure stated.

Astrid ignored him as she turned toward David and his attacker.  With a twist of her hands, she was wrapped in vines that curled around her, moving down her arm and forming a massive bow.  Astrid moved into an archer’s position.  A white energy arrow formed in her hands.  David could see Astrid and knew he had to keep Legion distracted.

“My biggest fan huh?” David muttered, still trapped in the water, trying to crawl toward the shore.

“I’ve been a fan of your since you started,” Legion stated with excitement.

“Then why are you trying to stop my happiness?” David said through his still labored breathing.

Astrid took aim and drew her arrow back.  There was a cracking sound from behind her and a sudden gunshot echoed through the trees. A look of shock washed over David’s face.



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