S02E06: Breaking Benjamin

Season 2

Puffs of steam escaped from Ben’s mouth with every labored breath he took.  His left hand clutched his right side covering the wound on his torso. He tightened his grip on the ax he had pulled from his girlfriend’s corpse in his right hand.  This is not how he thought the weekend was going to go. He hid behind the corner of the cabin. He could see a dark figure moving among the trees.

“What do you want?” Ben shouted, echoing the forest blanketed in the night.

“Oh Ben,” an eerie voice called back, “Isn’t it obvious by now?  I want you.”

Ben released his wound and put his hand into his pocket.  The truck keys were not there.  He peered into the window above him and could see them on the table inside.

“Shit,” Ben muttered to himself, placing his hand back on his wound.

“I’m sorry I had to kill your girlfriend,” a different voice called out from the darkness behind Ben, “But she would have only gotten in the way.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Ben shouted, then hunched over some from the pain of his wound.

Ben gave another look around and did not see any movement.  He quickly moved to the open door of the cabin and made his way to the table.  He snatched the keys and ran back outside.  He saw a few figures moving in the tree line.

Ben made a mad dash to the truck.  He tossed the ax in the passenger seat and slammed the door behind him after climbing in. He fumbled with his keys while trying to overcome the shooting pain of his wound.  Ben managed to get the key in the ignition, he turned it and as the engine started a hand came smashing through the window.

“You know,” the figure said grabbing a hold of Ben and pulling him out of the window, “You’re making this incredibly difficult.”

Ben struggled to get out of the figure’s grasp.  After a strong swing, Ben knocked the mask off the figure knocking them back.  Ben took a few steps back and prepared for the figure to attack him again.

“You know, I’m not just some regular guy you son of a bitch,” Ben said tensing up some.

A punch landed directly in Ben’s wound, knocking him off balance before two more dark figures grabbed a hold of him.  The figures were also hidden behind masks.

The original figure picked his mask up from the ground and placed it back on his face.  The figure adjusted his suit and walked over to Ben.  The light from moon now escaping from behind the cloud revealed the figure’s pale smiling mask.

“Oh I know, but neither am I,” the figure stated grasping his hands around Ben’s head, “and you can all me, Legion.”


“So you’re basically a soul stealing Ginger?” David said pacing around his apartment, “As funny as that sounds, that is awful.”

“I guess if you’d like to simplify it,” Astrid responded standing from the couch and grabbing David, “Listen.  It’s complicated.”

Astrid pulled David to sit back on the couch.

“Before I got my powers, I was never a very healthy person,” Astrid explained, “Doctors have kept telling me how long I had to live.  And every time, I surpassed it.”

David winced some at the thought of her dying.

I could never stand to lose her.

“When I started noticing my powers,” Astrid continued, “I noticed something else too.  When I used them, they left me weak.  Like I was using up my life energy.  I didn’t want to use my powers, they were killing me.”

David shifted uncomfortably, still listening intently.

“Then I realized that I could siphon energy from other people,” Astrid explained, “I never took much and never from just innocent people, just the criminals I stop.”

“So you have to recharge like I do,” David muttered, “I can get a charge from the electrical current.”

“Exactly,” Astrid said gripping David’s hand.

“But you’re using people as your batteries,” David said standing to pace again, “We need to find an alternative.”

“I haven’t found one,” Astrid stated, “I tried anything I could.  The plants I grow. Animals.  Anything living and the only thing could bring me back from that brink of death was the human life force.  Nature’s largest energy source I guess.”

“Use me,” David snapped back the first thought that popped into his head.

“What?” Astrid exclaimed, “I couldn’t do that.  I don’t know what it does to these people.  It could weaken you at best, at worst…”

“With my powers,” David began holding his electrified hand up, “I generate energy.  I think It could work.”

“I don’t ever want to hurt you,” Astrid said walking over to David.

“I know you never will,” David said wrapping his arms around Astrid and giving her a kiss.


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