S02E05: A New Hope

Season 2

“How come you kept your powers a secret?” David asked, still shocked by his realization.

“You know I could ask you the same thing,” Astrid retorted with a chuckle, “it’s just something that never came up.  We were just having fun.”

“Well, you’ve seen my powers,” David began, “Can I see yours?”

“Alright,” Astrid said standing from the couch, “I suppose that’s fair.”

Astrid moved to an open part of the room.  She pressed her palms together and a light began to emanate from her hands.  Large wings of pure energy began to pour from her back.  She picked up the flowers David had bought her that were now slightly wilting.  The flowers began to rejuvenate and then began growing roots.  The roots wrapped around Astrid’s arm some.

“Sweet fucking Jesus,” David exclaimed, “That’s awesome.  You’re like a woodland fairy.”

Astrid pulled the flowers from her arm as he wings faded away.  Feeling woozy, she returned the flowers and sat back on the couch.

“You know what this means right?” David said.

Astrid could see the excitement in his eyes.

“What?” Astrid asked, now curious.

“We can team up!” David explained, “I’ve been trying to go around protecting this town.  Now we can do it together.”

“If we’re going to go around being heroes together,” Astrid retorted, “We’re making you a costume. No more hoodie warrior.”

David chuckled a bit, “Deal.”


The couple started doing research for what would suit David best.  Astrid had designed her costume early on.  She kept with the nature theme of her powers and followed the design of a certain redheaded nature based villain.  After a few hours, they both agreed all their ideas were lame.  Eventually, they decided to pick it up some other time and watch a movie instead.  Not long after the introduction to the Pumpkin King, David got an idea.  He thought it would be cool to base his costume on the character design.  After the movie, Astrid and David hit the store for materials and got to work. They molded the armor-like pieces and set them for the night to harden properly.

“You know if we broaden our range to the city as well,” Astrid began, climbing into bed next to David, “We could help more people.”

“That is a great idea,” David said, “There is always crime in the city.”

David leaned in and gave Astrid a kiss.  The two nestled together until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, David and Astrid headed into the city.  Though Astrid had been to the city plenty of times, David had rarely been there.  He was excited to spend his time there with Astrid.  He almost forgot the reason they were there and began sightseeing with Astrid.

David trotted up to a group of statues and began posing with them.  Astrid immediately began giggling.  It always warmed David’s heart when he saw her smile.  He began dancing among the statues singing a song from a female pop star.  Astrid pulled her phone out and began filming David’s routine which made David get even more absurd.  David began dancing more wildly and singing louder.

After a day of enjoying the city, and a romantic dinner, David and Astrid set out in the city. Both in full costume, they were ready for anything.  The pair managed to find their way to the top of one of the buildings and they could see across most of the city.

‘This is such a beautiful sight,” Astrid said peering across the city.

“I’ve seen better,” David said, his eyes locked on Astrid.

Astrid could see David out of the corner of her eye, and a smile formed a bit.  A scream rang through the night.  David and Astrid could see a young girl struggling to escape a group of guys that were hassling her.

“Let’s go,” David said grabbing ahold of Astrid.

With a flash of electricity, the pair disappeared into an electrical conduit near them.  The street light near the group flickered then David and Astrid emerged with a burst of electricity shattering the light bulb.

“Whoops,” David said with a chuckle, “Guess I have to be more careful with the two of us.”

“What the fuck?” one of the men shouted while the others stood in shocked silence.

“How about you let her go?” David said stepping toward the men.

The man furthest from David and Astrid tightened his grip of on the girl’s arm.

“I don’t know where the fuck you came from,” the man shouted, “but this don’t concern you.  So step off.”

“They never listen do they?” Astrid chimed in.

“That fine honey can stay, though,” one of the men said while the group ran their eyes up and down Astrid, “You want to come have fun with us?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Astrid said with a smirk as her wings began to form.

The same energy encompassed her hands as she shifted them through the air.  There was a cracking sound as the tree branches began wrapping themselves around one of the men and took him screaming into the darkness.

The group immediately began to pull their weapons and target at David and Astrid.  David lunged into the group with a bolt of electricity.   He ended his lunge with a punch to the jaw of an attacker with a knife.  Another aimed his gun but lost David when he bolted out of sight.  The man aimed at Astrid and fired.  She managed to force a tree up from the ground in front of her which caught the bullet.  There was a tap on the gunman’s shoulder.  He turned to David behind him.  David grabbed the man’s gun and threw it.  Now electrified, it magnetically stuck to a taxi driving by.

“Did no one tell you guns were dangerous?” David stated before punching the man a few times then shocking him into unconsciousness.

Astrid floated pass David as he dropped the unconscious man and waved her hands again.  Wrapping two men in tree branches.

“What the fuck are you?” the man holding the girl shouted pointing his gun at her head, “Come any closer and she gets it.”

David bolted into the man knocking him to the ground.

“Preying on girls?” David said, standing over the man, “You’re a pathetic excuse of a man.”

The man jumped toward the man, only to be caught by a tree branch.  David turned and gave Astrid a smile.

“It’s okay, we are here to help you,” David said kneeling to the crying girl.

“Thank you so much,” the girl said wrapping her arms around David and crying into his chest until she calmed some.

“Okay now go call the police,” David said releasing the girl, “Tell them what happened here.”

David turned over to Astrid who had ahold of one of the men.  The energy from her hand was shining from his eyes before they went dark.  She released him and after a moment of staggering, Astrid was back to her old self.

“What the fuck was that?” David exclaimed in shock.

A look of shame swept across Astrid’s face, “There’s something about my powers I didn’t mention.”


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