S02E04: Legion

Season 2

A dark figure shifted in the bushes outside a convenience store.  Their eyes peered through a mask into the large glass windows.  They could see a man wearing the same mask holding a gun to the clerk.  He was struggling to hold control of the man in the store.  This man had the power to take control of other people’s bodies. This was not, just mind control. He fully encompassed them forming a hive mind, when he could hold control of his powers.

There was a sudden ruckus inside the store.  A man had approached the gunman and knocked him unconscious.


“Is that him?” the masked man stated, standing so he could increase his view into the store.

The masked man could see a man and a woman standing over the unconscious body of his victim.  He could not hear what they said then the girl left. Soon after the man came outside of the door and said something to the clerk before darting down the street.  The masked man followed for a moment before he saw the figure disappear under a street light in a surge of electricity.

“He does have powers” the masked man murmured to himself.

The masked man went back to his research station.  He had been looking into the mysterious hero of the town since his first appearance. He was a fan immediately.  He became so obsessed that when his powers began to show, he committed various crimes to lure the hero out, just to meet him. It was upsetting that after the convenience store, there had been no sign of the hero.  After all the thefts and vandalism, nothing.  He was worried he would have to kill someone to get his hero to show.  Then one night he spotted David and Astrid at a movie theater.

“Is this where you’ve been hero?” the masked man muttered under his breath.

The movie theater was packed full of people.  The crowd had gathered to see the premiere of a new movie, and many were in costume. The masked man was using the cover to his advantage.  He began to spread his ability into the crowd, to anyone he could gain control over. Each person moved closer through the crowd toward David and Astrid.  Before the masked man could make contact, his head began to hurt from the sensory overload and he lost control.  David and Astrid moved from the concessions stands and went into the movie.  The masked man was in too much pain and left.

After the masked man made it home, he took several pain pills and relaxed in front of his computer. From there he began hacking into various security systems around town to get their camera feeds.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.  I mean committing crimes to lure him out? Why not just watch the city from everywhere and catch him when I can.

The masked man quickly found his way to David and Astrid’s social media accounts.

They make this too easy.  Now matched with these accounts I’ll be able to find them again no problem.  He gave up being a hero for her, I can’t have that.  He’s a hero, he’s my hero.

The masked man began pacing around the room.

I’ll have to get rid of her. Without her, he’ll be a hero again. Now I have to get some spies out there as well.  I’ll have to get control of these powers.

The masked man began to practice his powers on the neighbors.  He could control one or two people for long periods of time, but more than that is when the pain started to kick in.  It was too much for his brain to perceive that many people’s senses.  So he began looting pharmacies.  Using their pills to numb the pain and he could hold on to more people, longer.

The masked man began spreading his powers around the town, controlling several people in key locations where David and Astrid’s social media said they had been.  One day, he spotted David and Astrid getting ice cream.

Look at them.  So in love.  It’s awful. He’s so distracted being lost in her. I have to get rid of her so he can reach his true potential.

The masked man adjusted the gun in his pocket as he watched David taking pictures of Astrid.  He began to approach the couple but David noticed him. With a quick aim of his gun, he pulled the trigger.  In a flash of electricity David and Astrid were gone.  The masked man ran off from the scene to meet up with his other victims.

They got away.  I need more people.  I need more of me.

The original masked man back at his home popped open a pill bottle and poured the contents onto the table.

I need to make an anonymous army. I’ll be many, I’ll be a Legion.


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