S02E03: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Season 2

Everything was smiles, laughs, and love in David’s life.  He had never thought he’d get to this moment in his life.  It was time for another date night.  After a few messages to Astrid, he got ready and headed out.

“So what’s going on tonight?” Astrid excitedly asked after a strong hug with David.

She looks gorgeous.

“I figured we’d stay in town tonight,” David began, “Thought maybe I’d take a beautiful girl out to dinner. Then maybe something special for dessert.”

“Oh yeah?” Astrid said with a giggle turning red.

“Now I just have to find her,” David said wrapping his arms around Astrid, “Oh, there she is.”

The couple shared a kiss and headed to the diner.  They peered across the table at each other holding hands.

She’s just too adorable.

“What?” Astrid asked with a slight smirk because David was staring at her.

“What, I like your face,” David stated, nothing but love in his eyes.

Astrid’s smirk faded to a full smile, then their food arrived.  Both managed to chuckle their way through their meal.  After dinner, David had decided the two would get ice cream for dessert.  He knew Astrid would be thrilled about it.  The two ordered and received their ice cream.  The sun was beginning to set and the two sat at a picnic table in the nice summer breeze.

“You know you’re beautiful right?” David said, gazing at Astrid.

“So I’ve been told,” Astrid managed to say through a smile between licks of her ice cream.

“Oh I’ve got to get pictures of this,” David said pulling his phone from his pocket.

“No!” Astrid playfully exclaimed.

“Oh come on, you look amazing in this light,” David said holding up his phone, “Come on model for me.”

Astrid could not stop giggling while doing some spins.  Her dress flowing in the breeze, her red hair looked like fire in the sunlight.  With her beautiful smile, David could not stop snapping pictures.

God, she is so gorgeous.

It was like her eyes would glow when she smiled.  Her smile going ear to ear. David did not think he could love her anymore, but her smile made him fall for her even more, every time.


David spotted a man walking toward them who had a similar mask to the guy at the convenience store.

It can’t be.

The masked man moved up to them quickly and pulled a gun from his hooded sweatshirt’s pocket.

Shit, shit, shit, not right now.

“David what’s go-,” Astrid began, noticing the gun, “Oh shit.”

“No!” David shouted as the masked man fired his gun.

David quickly bolted toward Astrid and in a surge of electricity, they were gone.  The masked man ran off, David and Astrid were now back in David’s apartment.

“Oh my God, are you alright?” David questioned frantically, checking Astrid for wounds.

“I’m fine,” Astrid explained, “Seriously dear, I’m okay.”

Having not found any wounds, David began to relax some.  He sat Astrid down on the couch and then sat next to her and let out a deep sigh of relief. Then panic filled him.

“Uh, I’m sure you, uh,” David was having trouble finding his words, “I’m sure you have questions.”

“No, not really,” Astrid said with a big smile leaning into David, wrapping herself around him.

“You don’t?” David muttered becoming very puzzled.

“I knew you had powers,” Astrid said leaning up and kissing David’s cheek, “You’re still cute.”

“You’re the girl,” David exclaimed, shocked at his realization, “that saved me.”


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