S02E02: Are You Feeling It Now Mr. Krabs?

Season 2

It wasn’t long before David received a friend request from Astrid Rose, the giggling girl from the convenience store.  Several hundred messages later they were hanging out.  They went to pet shops to let her pet bunnies, to shopping centers to play with the merchandise and the laughter never stopped.  It was not all goofing off, though.  Over the time, a real bond was forming between the two. They would cuddle together in movie theaters and hold hands at diners waiting for their meals.

Astrid would gush about her life to David, and he was so happy to listen.  He wanted to know everything about her and loved the passion she had in her words no matter the topic.  He quickly realized he loved this girl, but he also knew he was falling very quickly and thought that might scare her off so he kept that to himself.

Astrid could see it in his eyes, though, whether he said it aloud or not, she could see it in his eyes. Soon hanging out was not enough and Astrid began staying over.  They would enjoy some television and the warm embrace of each other as they fell asleep.


“Good morning beautiful,” David said when he awoke to her smiling face staring back at him.

“Good morning,” Astrid said with her smile widening.

The two gazed at each other for a moment before sharing a kiss.

“And now, I have to pee,” Astrid stated exiting the bed and heading to the bathroom.

How did I get so lucky?

“So funny story,” Astrid said as she reentered the room, “Did you know you talk in your sleep?”

“Oh God, what did I say?” David questioned, sitting up in bed and lighting a cigarette.

“Nothing bad,” Astrid said returning to the bed and lighting her own cigarette, “So don’t worry.”

Who knows what spewed from my mouth. Something about my powers?

“It was kind of cute,” Astrid explained, “You told me you loved me.”

Oh, God.

David turned away some, worried what she would say about it.

“Oh stop you, big dummy,” Astrid said pulling David back toward her, “I love you too.”

Oh God, oh God, oh God.

“Well that’s not a nice response to someone telling someone they love them,” Astrid stated snapping David back.

Wait what did she say?

“You love me?” David muttered fully turning back toward Astrid.

“Yes, stop worrying,” Astrid said beginning to smile, “I love you.”

Oh, my God.

“I love you,” David exclaimed pulling her closer to him.

Both were filled with such joy and compassion.  They shared a kiss and nestled into each other.  They did not need anything other than each other, so why get out of bed. David turned the television to a show they would both enjoyed for them to watch, sharing the occasional kiss or cuddle, and everything else just melted away.




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