S01E10: Flames of Fury

BannerDavid stood in shock, peering at the man across the room with flames emanating from his eyes.

“These bastards are the reason I became what I am,” the man said looking into his smoking hands, “Do you know what they do here?”

He has… powers…

“Hey!” the man exclaimed, “You save them, but do you know what they do here?”

“Some pharmaceutical stuff or something,” David sputtered, snapping back into the action.

“It is way deeper than that,” the man explained leering at the researchers, “why don’t you tell him what you do here.  And don’t you dare fucking lie.”


“W-w-we are trying to find ways to cure disease,” the researcher muttered, “like cancer o-or AIDS.”

Fire tore across the room and swallowed the researcher leaving only a sizzling mess.  David lunged forward, only to be stopped by the man raising his hand to him as well.

“I said, don’t lie,” the man demanded turning to the remaining researchers, “Tell him.”

“Please, don’t hurt us!” a researcher exclaimed while they cowered behind a lab table.

“Oh that’s hilarious,” the man retorted, “You’ve been hurting so many.  This place is a government researcher facility.  Under the guise of medicine, they’re working on the next best soldier. The cliché super soldier story.”

“That’s classified!” one of the researchers exclaimed.

“Shut up!” the man shouted, a burst of fire erupted from him, “Their tests aren’t going well, so know what they started to do?”

“Stop!” the same researcher yelled, followed by him being encased in fire as well.

“They were losing too many subjects, so they just started pouring it into the water supply,” the man continued.

“What?!” David exclaimed looking to the researchers.

“Speak up,” the man ordered aiming his smoking hand at the researchers.

“T-the experiments were going very badly,” one of them muttered quickly, “We were beginning to lose more subjects than we could get.  The government was going to cut our funding.  So we needed to do something drastic.  We found that most people won’t even notice because they won’t come in contact with the proper catalyst to activate anything.”

“What the fuck?” David said moving angrily toward the researchers.

“You two are the first successes we’ve seen,” the researcher continued.

“Successes?” the man began becoming enraged, “Because of what you’ve done, I killed people I cared about.  When my powers first happened, my best friend was at the other end. I didn’t know what to do so I went home. I still couldn’t control my powers and my parents paid for that.”

The victims make sense now…

“So I decided you all have to pay!” the man shouted.

“Wait, can you cure us?” David asked.

“Th-There is…” the researcher muttered, “N-no cur-“

Before the researcher could fully finish his sentence, they were all engulfed in a river of flames.

“What did you do!?” David screamed, bolts of electricity emanating from his eyes.

“They did this to us with no way of fixing it,” the man said turning to David, “they had to pay.”

David bolted forward, zigzagging around the room until he landed a punch into the man’s face.  The man was knocked several feet back.  Flames now pouring from his eyes and engulfed his hands.

“Do you not feel as betrayed as I do?” the man questioned sending flames at David causing him to dash around to avoid them.

“Of course I do,” David said dashing in and punching the man a few times, dashing between hits, “But I decided to use my powers to help, not destroy.”

“They destroyed my life,” the man stated hitting David with fire and sending him across the room, “So I have to destroy them.”

The room was now covered in scattered flames causing the sprinkler system to activate.  David could feel himself weaken.  He struggled some as he stood.

“Your weakness is water?” the man said, his flames lowering some.

“So, is yours,” David said bolting into the outlet next to him and into the electrical current.

The man stood at the ready, his flames beginning to almost flicker out.  He peered around the room, lost at David’s disappearance.  With a flash of electricity, David burst back into the room behind the man.  He rammed into the man and both were thrust out of a window.

Both tumbled through the air, fear swept across the man’s face.  David fell unconsciously swaying in the wind.  The man spotted the reflection of the moon underneath them, just before both of them plunged into the water.  The man splashed around, trying to keep his head above water.  David sunk into the dark water, the man soon joining him after his efforts failed.

This is how it ends… Better death than I’d have given myself. Wait, am I being pulled?

David awoke on the beach, a girl kneeling beside him. He sprung up shocked.

“Oh good, you’re okay,” the girl excitedly said while standing.

David noticed she was also in a costume.

“Wait, are you?” David began but the girl put her finger over his lips.

“Don’t talk, you’re still weak,” the girl stated, “Rest up hero.  We’ll see each other again.

David was still a bit stunned at the girl, she was gorgeous.  The girl leaned in and kissed David.  His eyes went wide and he was lost in his head.

Did she just… kiss me?

“You know, you’re kind of cute,” the girl admitted.

David snapped out of his haze, but the girl had vanished.

Did she say I was cute?


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