S01E09: The Rise

BannerDavid was pacing around his apartment.  He was on his third cigarette in 20 minutes and on the verge of lighting another.

What is he after?  What is he killing all these people for?  Various lab techs and the lab supervisors.  Why is he burning these people, and how?

Ms. Pond began pawing at David’s leg.  He looked down and she meowed.  He peered over and saw her food dish was empty.

“Oh, right…” David said walking over and filling her dish then sitting on the couch.

Fuck. What am I missing?


“Shall we see if the news has any more leads?” David asked, petting his cat as she curled up on his lap.

David grabbed the remote and watched some of the 24-hour news channel.  After seeing the weather, and a story about a canned food drive, David changed the channel to something else.

“I can’t keep getting my information from the news,” David said leaning back on the couch, “I guess I’ll have to do old fashioned research.”

David went to his computer and started looking up all the places the arsonist had hit.  Seeing what they had in common.  They appeared to all be working together on a new product that would increase public health. They were also all in the media for their drugs causing some harsh side effects.  In some cases, death.

So he’s going after these companies that are killing people with their drug tests.

Then David found that these companies were having their storage facilities robbed and destroyed by the protest group.

The first victim was part of one of these groups.  Weird.

David looked into the second set of victims, but could not find any ties to them. So he began looking more into the companies.

So there are three branches of these companies nearby. Oh! And only two of them have been hit.  I think tonight it will be time to scope out the third.

David logged off his computer and went back to watching television.  It was a mediocre day of daytime television, more research and eventually a nap.  The day faded to night and David was ready to go.

David grabbed a hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of gloves he had gotten recently. They had the knuckles reinforced for punching.  Prepared, he slid his mask on and slipped into the electrical current toward the industrial part of town.

David sprung out into the parking lot.  All the lights flickered some, then remained dimmed.  David moved closer to the building and saw that the guards in the lobby had been killed.

Oh shit!

David bolted inside and checked the two men.  There was massive scarring and they were still smoking mildly.  David felt the urge to vomit but choked it back.

Oh, God. This is awful.

(Men screaming)

David dropped to the ground, crippled with fear.

Fuck. Not again.  It’s happening again.

David began to stand.

I didn’t cause this, I’m here to stop this.  I can do this.

After a moment, David was ready.  He ran over to the guard’s station and looked at the monitors.  He peered into his palm as a small electrical surge coursed across it.

“I wonder if this will work,” David questioned placing his hand on the computer.  With a mild surge of electricity, his eyes glazed over with a slight electrical light and he could see through all the cameras.  He scanned the building quickly until he saw a group of researchers being held captive by a man who appeared to be yelling frantically.


David thrust quickly into the electrical current, leaving behind a flurry of papers off the desk.  Quickly, David bolted into the room and knocking the man away.  The man flew over a research table, smashing through various flasks and vials.

“Run!” David shouted to the researchers.

The group began to run when a burst of fire swept across the room.

“Stop!” the man screamed, his hand outstretched, “Stop, or your families will have to identify you from your dental records.”

“You…” David muttered, still stunned by the fire, “have powers too?”

“You try to save these people?” the man, fire now protruding from his eyes, “Don’t you know what they’ve done?”


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