S01E08: Back in Black

BannerDavid awoke a drooling mess.  As he eyes slowly crept open he caught the sight of Ms. Pond’s ass inches from his face.

“Oh come on,” David said springing up, scaring the cat away.

David scratched his head, wiped the drool from his face and stood from his bed. He lit a cigarette and followed the now meowing Amelia to her food dish.  He poured some food in her dish, refreshed her water and sat on his couch.

(Men screaming)

David winced.  The horrors of what he did at the bank still plagued David’s mind.  He stood to grab his liquor but stopped himself.  Since he had talked to Abby, he had been trying to stay sober.  There were moments he failed, but he was no longer drunk constantly.

David still had not managed to go back out to help people again, but he had been having the urge.  He had seen things on the news but could not build the courage to go out.  He did, however, continue his training.  He knew if he did ever go back out, he would need to be better.


After another cigarette, he decided to have a bowl of cereal. Cereal bowl in hand, he sat down and turned his television on.  He alternated taking bites and flipping channels until he came upon the news again.  There had been a series of murders springing up in the area.  The bodies had been severely burned.  The victims had little, to no contact with each other and the police were baffled.

“Well shit,” David said setting down his bowl of cereal, “that’s terrible.”

Someone is just roasting some innocent people? And to make it worse, the police are stumped.  Fuck, I have to try and help.  Some crazy murderer out there…

(Men screaming)

Fuck I’m no better than this wacko… No, Abby was right.

I have to try and help.

David leaped from the couch and found the costume he had used before. After suiting up, he determined he had to start at the police station.  He slipped his mask on and entered the electrical current.  He sprung up in the bathroom of the police station.  He looked around and was glad to find no one around.  After a quick glance out of the door, he could see the file room across the main area.  As far as he could tell no one was in there.  He slipped back into the current and zapped into the file room.

As David got solid footing, he realized he was standing a foot behind a police officer.  Startled, the officer began to turn around and pull their gun.

“Shit,” David muttered before he grappled the police officer to the ground and knocked them out quickly, “So glad I did all that training. Though, figured that be harder.”

David nudged the cop with his foot.

“First day?” David sarcastically questioned before moving onto the files.

Using his lightning speed, David was able to search the files quickly and came across the case file for the murders.  The photos were grizzly.  David almost vomited but managed to contain himself.  He read that the first victim was under investigation for vandalizing several research plants.  Then there was an older married couple and the most recent victim was the head researcher at one of the plants.

So these victims do have things in common.  Well, I don’t know about the married couple, though.

Lost in thought, David did not hear a detective enter the room.  The detective first saw the fellow officer, who was knocked out, then saw David.  They dropped the file spilling out photos of David from the security cameras from the bank.

“It’s you!” the detective shouted pulling out their gun and aiming at David.

David turned and saw the gun pointed at him.


With a burst of electricity, he was gone.

“Officer down!” the detective exclaimed holstering their gun and running to give aid to the officer.

After the officer was taken care of, the captain was talking to the detective.

“What happened in there?” the captain asked.

“Our bank suspect,” the detective explained.

“I want you to set up a task force,” the captain ordered.

“Yes sir,” the detective stated.


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