S01E07: The Fall

BannerThe room went dark as lightning erupted from David’s body. The bolts struck sporadically around the room.

“Oh God, what are you?” a man questioned backing away.

David let out a crippling scream as the room filled with electricity.


The sound of colliding empty cans clanged across the room as David sprung up off the floor.  His breathing was labored and he was doused in a cold sweat.  His hand swept across the darkness through the scattered bottles and cans until it felt a bottle still half full.  With a twist of the cap, it was pressed against his lips and being emptied down his throat.

The electricity lit the room revealing everyone’s terror stricken faces followed with their screams.

David finished the bottle and dropped it back down with its fellow empties.

“Fuck, I’m going to need more,” David stammered while struggling to stand.

David stumbled toward the outlet on the wall, hit the wall and fell to the floor.

“Shit,” he uttered with a chuckle and entered the outlet.

Several blocks away there was a liquor store that was empty other than the clerk.  As the clerk walked toward the back to restock a shelf, one of the ceiling lights burst and David bolted in.  He stumbled into a shelf, knocking over some of the bottles.

“Whoops,” David muttered before grabbing several of his own bottles and vanished again leaving the clerk shocked on the floor.

Back in his apartment, David burst in still carrying the alcohol.  He put the bottles in the freezer and kept one with him.  He walked toward his favorite chair when he tripped over the shatter lamp on the floor.

“Fucking thing,” David mumbled followed by a swig of his booze, “I still didn’t clean that?”

Just then a ding came from his computer.  David trying to focus his blurry eyes on the screen and saw he had a message.  He sat down and pulled the cigarette pack from his pocket.  He pulled the last one from the pack and placed it in his mouth.  He lit it, and took a quick puff.  He leaned back in the chair and threw the crumpled pack to the trash. It hit the rim and bounced out.

“Holding true to stereotypes,” David said with a disappointed chuckle and turned back to his computer.

His friend, Abby, had messaged.

xxUnicornQueennn: “How’s it going? Been awhile :)”

Dark_Echelon123: “Yeah.  Just been going through some stuff.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Oh, what’s up?”

Dark_Echelon123: “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “David, how long have we been friends? You know you can talk to me when something is wrong.”

Dark_Echelon123: “I know.  It’s just, even I still kind of don’t believe it.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “…”

Dark_Echelon123: “Okay, okay. Did you hear about that big fire a little while back?”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Yeah?”

Dark_Echelon123: “Well…”

Dark_Echelon123: “That night I was trying to kill myself but…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “DAVID!”

Dark_Echelon123: “Wait.”

Dark_Echelon123: “That night, I somehow ended up with powers.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “First you tell me you tried to kill yourself and now you messing with me?!”

Dark_Echelon123: “Told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “What… sort of powers?”

Dark_Echelon123: “Electricity.  I don’t know what all I can do, but yeah…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “So you’re like… Battery Man or something?”

Dark_Echelon123: “Ha.. I thought of that name too, but no.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “So  you’re telling me you’re a super hero and you aren’t freaking out?”

Dark_Echelon123: “I’m no hero…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “What do you mean?”

Dark_Echelon123: “You know what happened at the bank?”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Yeah, they still talk about it on the news.  They say none of the gunmen survived whatever happened…”

David lunged across the room, bolts of lightning still surging from his body.  He grabbed the stunned man and stared into his eyes.  David’s eyes had electricity bursting from them.

“No please don’t” the man pleaded.

The shock tore through the man’s body so fast, he started to smoke.  It was so intense it swept across the floor and began shocking the other gunmen. Their veins could be seen glowing through their skin before they began to smoke and burn.

David lost himself in it until the screams of the hostages snapped him out of it.  He stood, looking at the bodies of his victims.  Fully realizing what he had done, with a flash, he was gone.

David took a large swig of his liquor to clear his mind again.

Dark_Echelon123: “That… Was me.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Oh…”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Well I mean, they were also saying that the men started killing hostages.  You saved the rest.”

Dark_Echelon123: “I may have saved those people, but I committed murder to do it.”

Dark_Echelon123: “I’m a monster. I don’t deserve to live.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “David, stop that right now.  You are not a monster.  You’ve been my friend for years.  You are sweet, and caring.  Always there when I need you.  You’re a hero…. You’re my hero.”

A smile swept David’s face.

xxUnicornQueennn: “Listen you may have killed those guys, but you also saved those people.  They might of all died if you didn’t go in to help.  You’re what people need.  A hero, out there protecting them.”

Dark_Echelon123: “Thank you Abby. I really needed this.”

David’s hands sat on the keyboard.  He had always had feelings for Abby, but never managed to say anything.  He could tell she knew but they never talked about it. He wanted so desperately to tell her about his feelings.

xxUnicornQueennn: “You’re my friend, you mean a lot to me.  I have to go though, Simon is home.  I hope you feel better, at least some.”

David’s heart sunk some.

Right… the husband.

Dark_Echelon123: “I do, thank you. I’ll catch you later.”

xxUnicornQueennn: “Bye :)”

Abby logged off and David just sat in the light of the computer monitor.  He began smoking again, lost in his thoughts.  He trailed off, passing out in his chair.


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