S01E06: A Hero’s Rise pt. 2


With a burst of electricity, David lunged around the room knocking out the two guys before they could even react to his appearance.  Standing over the two men, he slipped on his mask.

“Oh my God, who are you? What are you?” a woman questioned.

“That doesn’t matter,” David said, untying the hostages, then tying up the gunmen, “I’m here to save you guys.  How many more are there?”

“There’s three more I think it all happened so fast,” A man muttered, “They have more hostages.”

More than the cops thought, well I’m doing well so far.

“You guys stay here and I’ll handle this,” David said, peering out of the door down to the bank floor.

David slipped out of the room and made his way along the dark walkway toward the bank floor.  He could see three more gunmen watching over a small group of hostages.  There was another man, pacing around on the phone shouting, flailing his gun about.


“I want free passage for me and my men,” the man shouted, “This money is insured, and it won’t bother anyone once it’s gone.  Just let us go and then we won’t be forced to kill any of these hostages. You have one hour, or we start shooting.”

The man hung up.  He was clearly infuriated, it was obvious things were not going as plan.

Well, that guy seems to be the leader, and he is pissed.  This will be interesting.

David looked around and noticed a wall socket behind him.  He placed his hand over it, and reentered the electrical current.  With a burst of electricity and a flurry of papers, David entered the bank floor.

“What?!” the leader shouted grabbing a hostage.

The other startled men pointed their guns at David.

I really need to work on my entrances.

“Who are you? What are you?” The leader blurted struggling some with his crying hostage.

“You know, I keep getting that,” David chuckled some, “I’m new hero on the block.”

“Shoot him!” the leader shouted taking aim

With a step and a flash of electricity, David was among the gunmen. He punched one, knocking him down. David lunged for the next man, the first gunman fired his weapon.  David had already burst forward causing the bullet to miss and land itself into the sprinkler system.  The room was filled with water like a heavy rain.

David stopped mid step and dropped to his knees.  His lungs felt empty and unfillable. With a few gasps, he fell fully to the floor.  He struggled to keep fighting, but he could only feel the surge within him dissipating into the wet floor.

“You’re kidding me right?” the leader said with a chuckle, “This super freak is brought down by a little water?”

I… can… stop them.

The phone rang.  The leader talked to the police officer on the other end.  Things got heated again.  The leader explained that if cops did not stay out, all the hostages die then hung up again.

“Get rid of him,” the leader ordered pointing to David, “and kill one of the hostages to show the cops we mean business.”

David felt himself fading.  Everything was going black, David saw one of the men grab a hostage.  She was crying and screaming as she was dragged out of the room.  Before losing consciousness, David heard a gunshot.



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