S01E04: Tonight’s the Night


David laid on the ground.  Every breath a struggle, his muscles going weak.  He had felt this before, he knew this feeling well.  It was dying.


David pulled himself from the puddle and began to feel his pulse pick back up. He no longer felt the electric energy coursing through his body as it was before.

I guess that’s my weakness.

“I guess that comes with super powers,” David muttered followed with a labored chuckle as the air returned to his lungs, “Going to make showering interesting.”

After a moment, he gained enough strength to walk back to his apartment. His cat greeted him near the door, still clearly agitated by the shock earlier.

“I’m sorry Ms. Pond, forgive me?” David said petting her some.

The cat rubbed his hand, purring away.

“I knew you’d still love me,” David said with a mild smile.

I need a cigarette.

David walked over to his table, his cat in tow, retrieved a cigarette and with a flick of his lighter; it was lit.  He took a long drag and released it slowly.  His body relaxed.  He left the cigarette hanging from his lips as he returned to his task of cleaning up the lamp.  There was a mild shock and the surge in David’s body returned.

So I recharge? What am I, Battery Man?

David chuckled to himself but then began to realize he had an opportunity.

With power… comes responsibility.

David dropped the lamp pieces.  He grabbed a few comic books from his collection, cleared off his table and grabbed his drawing supplies.  He thumbed through a few of his comics and gathered some great ideas.  Then pencil to paper, he began designing.  The first few drafts were way too extravagant. Even though he had done some cosplay in the past, he did not have the skills or material for them.  Those designs became crumpled messes on the floor.

I’m going for too much flash.  I need to keep it simple.

As David’s pencil swept across the pages of his paper, characters formed, each with their own variance of electrical flare.  One was even just a lightning bolt with arms and legs.  They too joined their brothers on the floor.

Now I’m just being dumb.  What I need to do is just find stuff I’ve got.

David tossed his things onto his table and went into his bedroom.  His room was an organized mess.  He went to the pile of clothes he had in the corner of the room.  He went through the jumble of various outfits and gathered a few items; a shirt, pants, and his plain hooded sweatshirt.  He went through a box in his closet and found an old mask he had.

David dressed quickly and checked himself out in the mirror.  He adjusted his black pants some and flattened out his white hooded sweater.  He knelt down and laced up his shoes and stood back in view of the mirror.

Looking good.

David walked back out into his main room.

Now to just learn how to fight.

David walked over to his computer and began researching fighting styles. He had taken a self-defense class before but after a few lessons, he stopped going.  He was never into fighting but had a new found determination with his new abilities.  Pouring over the information, and after watching numerous videos he began practicing. He had bad form, and none of his moves were proper but he felt he could do it.

After feeling he could at least land a few punches, he also practiced his abilities.  He figured out how to proper jolt to various places in the room, mostly. After few more unintended returns to the lady down the streets home, he began getting the hang of his ability to traverse the electrical currents.

Tonight’s the night.


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