S01E03: Breathless


David took a step back from the now shattered lamp.  Disbelief painted his face.  He glanced across the room and tried to charge again but only stumbled.

How the hell did I do that?

He tried once more but failed.

What the fuck?

David looked down at the broken lamp.  He decided to clean it up before continuing.

Seriously… How the fuck….?

When David’s hand touched the still plugged in lamp, there was a large shock.


 A surge coursed through David’s body causing him to feel energized immediately.  Small bolts of electricity began coming from his eyes, and with a muffled yell, he was sucked into the electrical current.  The current was a fast flowing tube, with light pulses running along the sides with the current.  David was drawn along the flow, flailing, bouncing off the walls.

“Oh God, Oh God,” David shouted into the echo of the current, “I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to….”

David staggered into the living room of an elderly woman with a flash of electricity from a wall socket.  The woman let out a shriek as she sprung from her chair.

“Oh, I uh… Oh God… I am so sorry,” David muttered, reaching out trying to calm the woman.

The woman, still yelling, darted for the phone.

“Oh shit, no, please don’t call the cops,” David pleaded backing away.

The woman still scrambled to dial the number so David fled from the house. He looked around and saw he was now a couple of blocks away from his neighborhood.  David darted away, hearing sirens coming closer.  His heart racing, he could feel the surge still coursing through his body.  He took a step in his run and lunged several feet forward in a bolt of electricity. He staggered a bit, then attempted another step and bolted forward again.

Seems like I’m finally getting the hang of this.

David’s following step landed him in a puddle.  He began gasping for air, feeling as if his life was being drained from him.  He dropped to the ground.

“Oh… fuck,” David muttered, straining for breath.


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