S01E02: Shock and Awwww


David awoke in a smoldering field. He could hear fire crews working to stop the fire raging where the trees met the field. He knew that if they found him, he would have no answers about how he got there or about the fire so, he ran.

After making some distance he realized he was on the opposite side of town. It was daylight now, and the clouds were finally separating. David was still sluggish from the pills and booze but at the same time, he felt energized like he was hooked up to a battery.

What the fuck is going on? What happened to me?

Flashes of the lightning strike and truck explosion flashed in his head.

Oh… that’said right. I… But I should be dead.

He was full of regret of what he tried to do last night. He had made it back into town.  He still felt groggy so he stopped into the coffee shop down the street from his apartment building.  He had little interest in the coffee.  He mainly started going in there when he noticed a cute girl was a regular there.

The place was a bit busy, so David took his place in line. He let out a deep breath, his chest tightening some from anxiety.  He peered across the room and saw her.  She was sitting at a table by herself, lost in her laptop.

There she is.  Just say hi this time.  No, I can’t… A girl that beautiful…  She has a boyfriend… She wouldn’t want to talk to me anyway.

He let out a sigh, ordered his coffee and left.  He continued to his apartment building. When he touched the door knob, he got shocked.

“Ow,” he exclaimed snatching his hand back then chuckled.

He opened the door and walked up the stairs to his apartment.

I just need to relax.  Figure out the important things right now.  How did I get in that field?

He opened the door and was met by his cat.

“Ah, Ms. Pond. Come along Pond.”


David sat on his couch, joined by his cat.  The cat purred and rubbed against him.  He reached his hand out to pet her.  There was a mild shock again, and the cat’s fur puffed out from the static.

“I’m sorry Ms. Pond,” David exclaimed, chuckling a bit.

What is happening to me?

David stood, looking into his hands.  His cat, upset about the shock, darted away knocking over a lamp.  David saw this and lunged for it.  Within a burst of electricity, he was holding the lamp.  David dropped the lamp.

“What the fuck?!” David shouted.


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