S01E01: The Last Night


The clock ticked to 1am.  The sound of rain could be heard through the open window, with a box fan blowing the stale cigarette smoke filled air out.  There had been dreary weather all week with sporadic rainstorms.  A half bottle of liquor sat on the floor leaving a small puddle under it from the chill wearing off.  The sounds of metal music could be heard from the room with brief interruptions of yelling and explosions.  The yelling came from the man in his early 20s sitting in a chair.


A recently emptied glass sat on a table next to an ashtray with a burning cigarette.  The man in the chair was shirtless revealing his slender build.  He had a video game controller sitting in his lap.  Across the room sat a TV with a video game replaying its main menu.  Another menu was over it with a list of friends, all reading offline.  The man scratched already messy brown hair while thinking.

What are we going to do David? No one is on, they’re never on.  I just wish I had someone right now.  Everyone is always busy when I feel like this.

David picked up his cigarette and placed it back in his mouth, then looked at his cell phone.  There were no messages.  He took a small puff and laid back again.

I don’t know why I keep checking it.  There are never any messages.

He picked up the bottle of liquor and refilled his glass, then took a drink. He checked his phone again and let out a large sigh.

I wonder if they would care if I died.  I mean how long before they even notice, I don’t hear from them now.  No, I’ve got to stop thinking like this.

He looked over to the army of pill bottles on his desk.

I need a walk.

He put his cigarette out and grabbed a shirt.  He put his coat on, picked up his liquor bottle and went outside.  The rain had stopped at the moment but everything was still very wet.  David’s mind blanked some as he staggered through his walk.  He eventually wandered into the warehouse part of town, which snapped back him from his blank thinking.

Where the hell am I? Eh, whatever.

David took a large swig of his liquor.

Why do I have to always feel like this?  What did I do to deserve this life?

“Why God?” David said, staring up into the stirring clouds, “Is this some sort of test?  Because I’ve got to say, I am failing it pretty badly.”

David began pacing around, “What do you want from me? They say you have some sort of plan, but what is it? To see how much pain we can endure?”

He put his hand in his pocket and realized there was a pill bottle in it.

Sure my parents would miss me, but they’d be better off.  All I’ve cause them is grief.  My friends, they’d move on.  They tend to forget about me quite often anyway.  Everyone would move on, forget about me.  Everyone would be better off.

He stared at the pill bottle before opening it and poured it in his mouth. He washed it all down with a large drink of liquor.  He looked and saw the liquor was almost gone.  He finished the bottle and dropped it.

The mixture in his stomach stirred quickly and David began to stagger more. He felt his mind slipping fully into a daze and dropped to his knees.

“I failed your test, I’m not strong enough,” David said before slumping over some.

Just then the alarm in the building across the street began ringing.  There was a bunch of yelling and the headlights of a box truck lit up.  David’s fading eyes turned to look.  He could barely see through his blurred reality.

Is that real?

The truck came barreling away from the building.  There was a flash in the sky and a bolt of lightning struck the power pole erupting the transformer.

“Oh shit,” David murmured coming out of his delirium mildly.

As the truck hit the street, a power line snapped from a burning pole and swung across the truck and into the street.  The truck burst into a fireball as the fuel tanks exploded and tossed the wreckage into the building in front of it.  The powerline hopped some from the still surging electricity.  David saw it coming for him.

“Finally,” David said as the line flopped into the puddle near him and everything went white.


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